Custom-Sized Pieces & Appliance Panels

Semihandmade offers custom-sized undrilled panels to complete your project! Order using THIS PAGE.

**Please note that we cannot help you determine the exact measurements you may need for a piece; as, we are not physically there with you to confirm the measurements of your space and may not know fully what you are trying to accomplish. You are 100% responsible for the final measurements. However, we do have the following advice and limitations:

  • Custom pieces are not drilled.

  • You must enter the piece's dimensions, not the cabinet's dimensions. Typically, a door or drawer face will be 1/8” shy of the cabinet box width and height. For example: a 15” x 30” cabinet will need a 14 7/8” x 29 7/8” door.

    True IKEA Sektion sizes are this way, for example if you purchased a 12" x 30" standard door in our kitchen shop, the piece would actually be made as 11 7/8" x 29 7/8" to allow for door clearance.

  • We do not offer custom pieces with beaded detailing. In those instances, we recommend choosing a slab-style piece.

  • Shaker-style pieces have a minimum width and height of eight inches (8" x 8" being the smallest shaker style we can create).

  • The largest Shaker-style piece we can create is 24" x 60" (10 square feet).

  • Slab piece restrictions: 4" minimum/ 95" maximum.

  • The largest slab-style piece available is 36" x 95".

  • Custom pieces, like any other front product is final sale and can not be cancelled or returned.

  • Using any Semihandmade piece for a horizontal application (table top) is not covered by our warranty.

  • Custom Walnut and Quarterline pieces are available for appliance panels only and must be ordered directly from a Semihandmade team member.  Please reach out to for this request.

  • All parts are made with a +/- 1/16" tolerance, which falls within accepted industry standards. Note: European hinges offer easy adjustment up/down, in/out, and left/right to account for any uneven gaps or cabinets being out of square; it should be assumed all hinges need adjustment once installed.

Custom Panels for Panel-Ready Appliances

For custom appliance panels, please consult the manufacturer for exact dimensions. Please note the custom size restrictions listed below also apply to appliance panels. We do not make spacer or backer panels. The appliance panel specs must allow a thickness of 3/4". Most appliances will have a graphic on their specification sheet that looks like this:

The highlighted '24 3/4" - 28 1/4"' signifies the min-max height of the panel while the '17 1/4" - 17 1/2" signifies the min-max width of the panel. The asterisks with the '***18" wide panel may be used' signifies that an 18" standard size piece may work.

There are certain models and types of panel-ready appliances that our pieces will not work on. For example, most beverage fridges. If unsure, contact Again, you are 100% responsible for confirming final measurements for your appliance.

We also have a standard 24" x 30" dishwasher panel available in our Kitchen Shop that work with many 24" models.

Work with a contractor to ensure the panel is installed correctly, and if a heat shield may be recommended. See our heat/moisture standards HERE.

BOXI does not offer custom-sized pieces. We do have a two-piece-look standard dishwasher panel available.