What is edgebanding?

During installation, you may need to trim panels. For our Walnut, Impression (Tahoe, Beach, Sonoma, Smoke, Quarry) + DIY materials we offer a tape to cover those trimmed edges. We offer 8ft of complimentary edgebanding using code EDGEBANDING8. You can purchase and order this here.

How is edgebanding applied?

Find our installation guide here. Walnut & DIY have an iron-on backing, and Impression needs glue to be applied.

What are the specifications of Walnut edgebanding? Why is it a different color?

  • All Walnut kitchen orders can include 8 feet of complimentary edge banding by request.  This can be used to band edges of any pieces that need to be cut during installation. 

  • The Walnut edge banding is unfinished and needs to be finished after installation.  This will change the color of the banding, bringing it closer to the color of the fronts.  We use a clear satin varnish.

  • Although our panels are 3/4", extra edge banding is provided at a 7/8" width.

  • The walnut veneer (fronts and back) is between .6mm-1mm thick

  • The walnut edge banding on fronts is 1mm thick

  • The walnut edge banding on panels is 3mm thick