Planning a Reno & Timing Installation

Embarking on a kitchen renovation is an exciting journey, but it's important to be prepared for the various stages involved and potential delays that may arise. Please note, this can vary widely project to project depending on the scope of work that needs to be done.

1. Planning (1-3 months)

Before diving into the renovation, take the time to define your goals, establish a budget, and hire a reputable contractor. Consider collaborating with a designer to finalize the layout and select materials.

2. Permits and Approvals (1-2 months)

Obtain any necessary permits and approvals from local authorities to ensure a compliant and smooth renovation process.

3. Ordering Materials (2-4 months)

Order cabinets, countertops, appliances, and other materials well in advance. Our lead times are purely an estimate, so consider potential delays in manufacturing and shipping.

4. Demolition (1-2 weeks)

Clear out the existing kitchen to make way for the upcoming transformation.

5. Rough-In Work (2-3 weeks)

Undertake electrical and plumbing work as needed for the new kitchen layout.

6. Drywall and Flooring (2-4 weeks)

Install drywall and flooring to create a solid foundation for your new kitchen.

7. Cabinet Installation (2-4 weeks)

Witness the transformation as cabinets are expertly installed.

8. Countertop Installation (2-4 weeks)

Experience the elegance of your chosen countertops as they are professionally installed.

9. Appliance Installation (1-2 weeks)

Watch as your kitchen comes to life with the installation of new appliances.

10. Finish Work (2-4 weeks)

Enjoy the final touches, including painting, trim work, and other aesthetic details.

11. Inspections (1-2 weeks)

Schedule and pass any necessary inspections to ensure your renovated kitchen meets all safety standards.

12. Final Touches (1-2 weeks)

Experience the joy of the finished product as the last details are attended to, including final cleanup, touch-ups, and adjustments.

Buffer for Delays (4-8 weeks)

Be aware that unexpected delays in material delivery, weather, or unforeseen issues may occur. Allow for flexibility in your timeline to accommodate these potential challenges.

By understanding the steps involved and planning accordingly, you can navigate your kitchen renovation with confidence and excitement. Regular communication with your contractor and flexibility in your timeline will contribute to a successful and satisfying renovation experience.

Happy renovating!