Sektion (Kitchen) FAQ

Sektion is IKEA's current line of kitchen cabinetry, although the cabinets can be used in other areas for storage such as laundry, mudroom and bathrooms.

Sektion cabinets are extremely versatile and have endless configurations! Read IKEA's 5-step guide on buying a kitchen.

Can I design my kitchen myself?

Absolutely, most clients do! Click here for Ikea's free and amazingly easy-to-use Kitchen Planner. We recommend you design with cabinet fronts, even though you will be using our fronts, as it helps you know what doors and parts you need. Once your design is complete, go to our Kitchen Shop to order your doors.

Can you copy their existing (or discontinued) door styles?

No, their door styles are completely their own. We do not copy or match Ikea doors.

Do all of your fronts come in the sizes that they offer?

Yes, we make all standard sizes that they currently offer! Our panels come slightly oversized and are meant to be trimmed on site to fit your space.

Do you drill for the 12 x 30 Pull-Out Drawer or Flip-Up door hardware?

No. IKEA generally sells these as normal doors and they are drilled as such. The instructions that come with the IKEA internal hardware, includes drilling templates; it then guides you to plug the existing holes before drilling new ones. We skip the step of drilling unnecessary hinge holes so that you can just use the template!

What do I need to get from IKEA if I'm purchasing Semihandmade fronts?

You'll need to purchase the frames, hinges, drawer boxes, basically anything interior because you'll get all of the exterior items from us!

What is the IKEA warranty for Sektion?

Sektion cabinets come with a 25-year warranty from IKEA. Contact them directly for more information.

Do you make fronts for internal drawers?

The Utrusta drawer fronts that are used internally are 1.75" narrower than the external drawer fronts we make. Also, Utrusta fronts need to be 1/2" thick and we only make 3/4" thick fronts. You can only see the white internal drawers when you open the cabinet (similar to the color of the white cabinet box itself) so this is rarely, if ever, an issue.

Do you have plates to cover the adjustment mechanisms on drawers?

We do! Not crazy about the standard "Ikea" drawer cover plate?  Ours reads "Semihandmade" and fit drawers on both the Akurum and Sektion Ikea kitchen systems ONLY.  Note: Our drawer covers don't fit all discontinued Ikea drawers.  Send us a photo and we'll help determine.  Price is for 2 (covers one drawer). Order HERE.