Godmorgon (Bath Vanity) FAQ

Can I buy Godmorgon parts separately from IKEA, like you can with Sektion?

Unlike with IKEA kitchens where you are able to buy the cabinets without fronts, you'll need to purchase the Godmorgon vanity as a complete set, and then replace the standard fronts with ones from Semihandmade. The good news is, our fronts are drilled the same as Ikea's, and easily pop on.

Do you offer side panels for Godmorgon?

Just like IKEA, we don't offer specific side panels for the Godmorgon series. Here's why: our panels are 3/4" thick, and the standard countertops that come with the Godmorgon don't fully cover the top of the panel, which could potentially expose it to water damage.

But don't worry, we have some great options for you:

  1. Leave the sides as-is: IKEA provides a variety of frame colors to choose from, so you can still create a stylish and functional bathroom.

  2. Custom Countertop: If you're using a custom countertop to accommodate the 3/4" thickness, you can absolutely use our custom-sized piece page to order matching side panels. This way, you can achieve a seamless and customized look for your Godmorgon setup.

I bought my Godmorgon before 2018, can I still purchase your fronts?

Because IKEA hardware drilling changed in 2018 for their Godmorgon system, we only drill for their current pattern. This graphic shows the difference; it's important to double check before purchasing as fronts are final sale. IKEA manufactured their GM fronts at different heights with the old drilling and new drilling:

Old:  11 1/4"

New: 11 3/16"

The plastic inserts are missing from my new fronts.

We will send the Godmorgon fronts with the insert or bushing already installed. If they are sent to you without them (rarely happens), we can ship these pieces to you and they are easy to install. For the new drilling plastic insert, a mallet is used to gently place into holes.

I want to order Walnut fronts but I want to sequence multiple units together. Is that possible?

If you're ordering more than one Godmorgon unit to be placed side by side, it will not be sequenced or tone matched from cabinet to cabinet. Any further inquiries into achieving this, should be made to the sales team - sales@semihandmade.com

My front will not snap into the Godmorgon drawer, any ideas?

You may see the screw is not aligning correctly and, between the rails, there is a plastic piece that also does not seem to be installed properly. It is possible the drawer front is simply upside down and we can verify this by looking at the corner of the drawer front as it will have the fronts numbered by a production stamp. The stamped corner should eventually be on the bottom right. 

More space to work with?

Folks with larger bathrooms who are able to accommodate the added depth of Ikea kitchen cabinets (25" deep as opposed to Godmorgon's 20") have gotten creative with the incredibly modular and versatile Sektion kitchen system.