Installation FAQ & Troubleshooting (IKEA)


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Which is installed first, flooring or cabinets?

Most installers/contractors will have a different preference depending on the type of flooring. Most cabinet installers will prefer that the floors are installed first for the proper leveling and adjustments on Tile and hardwood floors. Floating floors (laminate, vinyl, etc.) should be installed after cabinetry.

Can I install all the Ikea items and get that done before the Semihandmade items are delivered?

This will depend on the specifics of your project. Depending on the size, you may be able to install all cabinets without the Semihandmade fronts. There may be instances where you will need side panels for templating or appliance installation. It's usually best to wait for all products to be delivered prior to scheduling installation.

Is a suspension rail support for a base cabinet to be wall-mounted as a floating vanity?

Suspension rails are used to hang nearly all of IKEA cabinetry. The back of IKEA's boxes are not thick enough to drill directly into the box. It requires a rail system to keep the box attached to a wall.

Can a shaker door be installed on top of a side panel for a custom shaker look? Does it end up being too thick?

This is dependent on the specifics of the project, counter overhang etc. Some customers will use toe-kick, filler to create custom frames for a shaker look

What depth overhang is recommended before needing support for bar installation?

12” is the maximum recommended depth before a bar would need support.

Can you get spare parts (plugs, screws, smaller items for assembly) from IKEA?

You can order spare parts (plugs, screws, smaller items for assembly) for free online (w/ free shipping) from IKEA if you misplace something or need replacements - or in-store at their returns/exchanges desk.

You will find the part # in the IKEA manual with the associated product either you received with your IKEA purchase or online located in each product page (under product details). Enter in any part numbers you need. A good example would be the 12x30 pull out drill template - part#147980

How do you install toekick flush with the doors?

Use L-brackets to move the toekick forward to be flush; however, you need to leave the toekick 5" tall (so all edges are finished material). You cannot cut down the toekick height any more than this.

What kind of blade do you recommend to trim Impression panels?

A blade for fine cutting with at least 80 or more teeth.

What kind of drill bit do you use to drill for hinges?

The drilling sizes we use are 35mm and 8mm drill bits

Do I still need the Ikea toe-kicks behind the Semihandmade toe-kicks?

No, these are completely optional. The clips that come with the Sektion legs can attach directly to the Toekick as shown in our install manual. (view overview video to show both methods).

How do I install my glass-ready doors?

When installing, we recommend using a Glazier (professional glass-fitter) for proper cutting and installing of glass into our glass-ready shaker doors (Supermatte and DIY Shaker). This will ensure proper sizing and a safe installation of the glass panel insert.

For our DIY glass-ready doors, we provide rubber strips to assist with the installation if you would like to attempt to install on your own. The glass is wedged between the frame and the rubber piece to hold it in place. Clear silicone can also be used to secure the glass in place.

We cannot provide the size glass you should get as different glass types (like textured, frosted, colored glass) require different deductions for fitting the glass properly. However, the backside of the Supermatte is 1 7/8" wide (compared to the front being 2 1/8" wide) and the backside of DIY is 2" (compared to the front being 2 1/2" wide). This is good information to receive an estimate for glass, but proper deduction should be used to allow the glass to fit and avoid any cracking.

Are there any third-party substitutes for IKEA Hinges if IKEA is out of stock?

Yes, you can find substitutes on Amazon. It’s a bit different because the ones from IKEA are made specifically for IKEA, however, Blum sells hinges and plates that work for both 110 and 153". It is best to confirm with IKEA.

How much of a gap should I have, if I want uppers above my cooktop/stove?

For cabinets above cooktops and ovens, the height requirements are different depending on type. You want at least 30" of space for electric and 36" for gas. This is to prevent any accidental fires. Remember, heat damage is not covered under warranty - so we advise avoiding trim or panels directly above heat sources like this. Thermofoil is not indestructible and will degrade & peel if exposed to excessive heat. Proper ventilation and the use of heat shields are necessary.


Building Bases:



Door Removal (same for AKURUM):

Drawer Removal (same for AKURUM):

Adjusting Doors:

Adjusting Drawers:

Corner Cabinet Doors:

*This 8x30 piece is not pre-cut, you will need to do that on-site to create the corner as shown in this photo example.

Trash Pullout:

Island Back Panel:

*The backs of IKEA Sektion cabinets are not sturdy enough for a decorative back panel on their own. They come with just a thick cardboard backing, not the same thickness as the white bottom and sides. When you want to add a decorative back panel, a nice tip (but not required) is drilling wood planks on the backside, so the decorative back panel can attach to it. Without the planks, a contractor may use L-brackets or other hardware as they see fit.

Fridge Side Panel:


Installing a Dishwasher Panel on a Non-IKEA Dishwasher (like Bosch):

Hinge & Door Damper:

My hinge won't go all the way in, how do I fix it?

This is a common issue; as you can see in the first photo, the hinge is not fitting in the door. This is because IKEA hinges have a plate that needs to be flipped open prior to install. The last photo displays the plate being opened. Once the hinge has been placed inside the hinge hole, the plate should be closed.

What can I do if the internal drawers are hitting the door?

The Utrusta 153 degree hinge is needed for cabinets with interior pullout drawers. If the 125 hinge is used, the door will not open fully and drawers will hit it. There are a few different hinges from IKEA depending on how wide you would like the door to open. In most other cases, the UTRUSTA hinge used on SEKTION is the 110-Degree opening hinges.


Removing Drawers:

Remove Drawer Rod: