Sales & Promos FAQ


Do you currently have a sale running?

The best way to find out if we have a current sale, is to check out our homepage. Usually there is a banner at the top to indicate what the current sale is, if there is one currently active. You can also chat or email with us!

Can I have 'X' discount retroactively applied to my previous order?

We're sorry, we cannot retroactively refund your order for any reason other than edits within our order change grace period.

Can you extend your sale for me?

It may be possible in certain situations, such as the one below. However, shoot us an email ( with your circumstances and our team will see what they can do to accommodate you!

If I purchase the We Create Your Cart service before the sale ends, will I still get that sale's discount?

Generally, yes. If you purchase the service before the official sale end time, we can extend that discount for an additional two weeks; so that you can have your call with your specialist and have ample time to review your order before purchasing. If you have questions on the specific date your quote price expires, ask your assigned specialist. *this does not apply to select special flash sales

I'm in the trade program, do I need a special code to get X promotion?

Your trade discount is automatic on our site, so that you don't need a code. If you do want to use the current promo code instead and are having trouble checking out during a sale, please reach out to us via chat, email (, or phone (877-877-9102 opt 1) and a team member will assist with a quick fix!

I just missed the last sale, can I still get the discount?

It depends on a few factors and the type of sale it was. Reach out to us with your circumstances ( and our team will see what they can do to accommodate you!