Floating Shelves FAQ

What are the floating shelves made out of?

Our floating shelves are a natural Grade-A wood veneer on U.S.-manufactured furniture-grade plywood.

What is the finish?

The finish is furniture-quality low-sheen catalyzed lacquer.

Do your floating shelves come in the same material as your doors?

Semihandmade floating shelves come in 7 wood veneer options, as well as a paintable option that allows you to match your cabinet color or add in an additional hue to the space. They are not exact matches to our doors, but meant to be complimentary. Our most popular being Oak.

What dimension choices do I have for floating shelves?

Semihandmade floating shelves lengths range from 12" to 92". Depths come either 9" or 12". Thickness is 1.75".

Can I order a custom size?

If you need to order a custom size, please select the next size up and note the dimensions (to the nearest 1/16"). Floating shelves cannot be modified on site.

How are floating shelves shipped?

Regardless if ordered alone or with a kitchen order, the floating shelves are always shipped via FedEx.

What is the lead time?

4-5 weeks

How much weight will your floating shelves support?

Our floating shelves should safely hold up to 10 pounds/ft. For example, a floating shelf that is 60" long should be able to hold 50 pounds. However, please keep in mind that this is 100% dependent on the installation. The shelf must be properly installed to reliably support this amount of weight.

What size are the brackets/tines?

A little less than 1” wide, and a little less that 1/2” thick

How many tines come with different width shelves?

  • Floating shelves under 40" come with 2 tines

  • Floating shelves over 40" come with 3 tines

  • Floating shelves over 60" come with 4 tines

  • What is a tine? It is the piece that slides into the shelf:

How are they installed?

Professional installation is suggested but not required. Semihandmade shelves are constructed with a plywood core, and weight capacity depends greatly on proper installation. Each shelf comes with a U- shaped metal bracket, that the shelf slides onto. There are no holes in the metal bracket, so you'll need to drill them yourself.

Installation Guide