Decorative Hardware FAQ


Do you drill for decorative hardware?

We do not do any pre drilling on the door/drawer fronts. Decorative hardware drilling is best done on-site.

How does does decorative hardware ship?

Your decorative hardware will ship direct from our vendor partners separate from your Semihandmade fronts order. Allow 5-7 business days for shipping. Back orders generally ship in 2-3 weeks.

What size pull should I use for my drawers/doors?

This is a personal style choice, however for drawers we generally recommend using a pull handle that's about 1/3 the width of the drawer, and if you're unsure about the size, opt for the larger one. For doors, most find that 5-7" pulls look the best.

Where do I install pulls/knobs on shaker doors & drawers?

Again, this is a personal style choice; generally pulls & knobs are more functional when they're installed on the frame part of your door.

Do you have a hardware drill template?

We do not, however IKEA & Amazon have some good choices. Professionals also recommend using painters tape to mark out placement. When drilling holes for decorative hardware on a cabinet door, it's typically done from the back of the door to minimize any potential damage to the front, especially if it's a finished or painted surface. This approach ensures a cleaner and more precise installation while reducing the risk of splintering or chipping the front of the door. When in doubt, consult your contractor/installer for the best course of action.

Do you have any recommendations for hardware styles/colors?

You can view some great advice regarding hardware decisions via our SemiStories blog posts!

Lew's Hardware

What are these made of?

Solid brass

What's the difference between the 14" pull & the 14" refrigerator pull?

The 14" fridge pulls are different in that they have thicker standoffs and of course thicker hardware screws that go into the standoffs. These are needed for heavy appliance doors.

Although the spacing between standoffs is slightly narrower on the refrigerator pull, the height standoff is greater in the refrigerator pull for opening ease.

My hardware wiggles and appears to be defective. How can I fix this?

This may be fixed by removing the knob from the door front.  Attach the base first, screw it in from the back as tightly as possible, and then screw the handle on.  The part that is screwed to the door front needs to be secure so that it doesn't move.

For Lew's Bar Pull hardware, the specs sheet shows the 7" pull has a 3" on center dimension but then it reads it can be adjusted. Do we know how much this can be adjusted by?

On the 7" square bar pull, there are two sets of holes. The posts can be adjusted to either 3" or 96mm center-to-center spacings. 96mm is about 3-3/4" . The posts can only be adjusted to these two. 

Does Lew's hardware have a warranty?

Lewis Dolin offers a 1-year warranty.


What Are These Handles Made Of?

Everything is made out of solid brass and then finished to the colors shown. Chrome and nickel are plated and oil-rubbed bronze is applied and then baked on. 

Does Rejuvenation hardware go on sale?

Not typically. Rejuvenation let's us know if we can ever discount but it is rare.

An item is out of stock on Rejuvenation's site, do you have it available?

We do not carry our own stock, and orders ship directly from Rejuvenation; so, it's safe to say we will not be able to fulfill the order if this is the case. It's still worth an ask, so contact us and we will find out for sure!

For the Massey bin handle, you show a 3" and 4" size. What is that measuring?

The 3” and 4” sizes are the center to center measurements where you will drill. 

Do you have installation instructions or which screws should come for each style?

There should be instructions included in your shipment with this information. If you can't find it, reach out and we can look it up for you!

What are the lead times?

For orders containing just hardware, usually in-stock items will ship in 7-14 business days.

How do I care for my Rejuvenation hardware?

  • Lacquered Brass, Aged Brass, Burnished Antique, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Lacquered Copper hardware can be cleaned by simply wiping with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use brass polish or harsh cleaners and detergents on products with lacquer coatings.

  • Brushed Chrome and Brushed Nickel hardware (unlike Brushed Nickel light fixtures) have a protective satin lacquer coating. These pieces can be cleaned by simply wiping with a soft, damp cloth.

  • Unlacquered Brass hardware has no protective coating and will age gracefully over time as the brass darkens and wears with use. To slow and even out tarnishing, you can apply paste wax before installation. If polishing is necessary, use a quality brass polish and a soft cloth.

  • Polished Chrome and Brushed Chrome hardware will not tarnish and can be freshened with any household metal cleaner.

  • Polished Nickel hardware will naturally develop a milky-white tarnish over time (particularly in humid environments, such as bathrooms). This patina should periodically be removed with a soft cloth and a mild solution of household ammonia. Heavy tarnish may require a metal polish to brighten.

Rejuvenation Finishes

Does Rejuvenation have a warranty?

Find this warranty information here.

Can you add 'request a signature' to my delivery?

I'm sorry, no; Rejuvenation ships directly from their facility and they will not do this.


How do I care for my Schwinn hardware?

Please use a damp, non-abrasive cloth or sponge and mild soap only. Deterioration and discoloring of finishes can happen over time due to certain climate conditions.


Can you tell me more about the finishes available?

These are living finishes that will gracefully age and evolve in appearance over time in a process called 'Patina'.