Semihandmade x IKEA General FAQ


Are you affiliated with IKEA?

We are not affiliated or associated with Ikea in any way. All Semihandmade doors and parts are 100% after-market and meant to accessorize Ikea cabinet systems.

Which cabinet systems do Semihandmade pre-drilled doors accessorize?

We make doors that fit both the old (Akurum, 2003-2015) and new (Sektion) kitchen systems, Besta (media), and Godmorgon (bathroom vanity).

Do you make fronts for any of the other IKEA products (PAX, ENHET, etc.)?

Not currently. However, you can always order our custom-sized fronts!

Can you copy their existing (or discontinued) door styles?

No, their door styles are completely their own. We do not copy or match Ikea doors.

Do all of your fronts come in the sizes that they offer?

Yes, we make all standard sizes that they currently offer for Sektion, Godmorgon vanity, and Besta. Our standard Akurum fronts are in sizes from systems bought between 2003-2015. Our panels come slightly oversized and are meant to be trimmed on site to fit your space.

Is everything pre-drilled to accept their interior hardware?

Yes, all standard doors and drawer faces are pre-drilled to function with Ikea's internal hardware (hinge, drawer). Panels, flip-up doors and trim are not drilled, please refer to our installation manual for tips on installation. As with Ikea, because panel installation can vary from project to project, no fasteners are included.

Do you offer dishwasher, refrigerator and other custom-sized appliance panels?

Yes, we offer cover panels for most panel ready appliances. Like all custom pieces, it is 100% the customer’s responsibility to provide the dimensions needed. The manufacturer is the best reference to verify the necessary dimensions. Please note: we do not drill for any custom piece, be it an appliance cover panel or otherwise. We also do not provide sub-panels, additional hardware or anything else necessary to complete an installation; this is entirely the responsibility of the customer or installer (this is industry-standard, and easy-to-follow templates come with the instructions).

If we've picked out door handles/drawer pulls we like, will you pre-drill the holes for them?

Unfortunately, no. Decorative hardware drilling is best done on-site.

Do you make doors with cut-outs instead of pulls/knobs?

We do not manufacture or offer doors or drawers that have notches cut out (as a decorative hardware alternative). We did previously, but for a variety of reasons we discontinued this option.  All of our doors and drawers are meant to function with external hardware (pulls, handles, etc.)

What's the difference between a pull-out and a drawer?

Technically, just the height of the piece. Pull-Out doors are like big drawers; they are drilled to fit with Ikea’s High Maximera drawer, just like a 15” tall drawer face. This is the only attachment point that we provide. Note: The 12” wide, pull-out hardware from Ikea comes with a top-drawer attachment template.

Why would I want a pull-out instead of drawers or a door?

Pull-Outs are often used to house trash and recycling receptacles.

Do you offer base, wall and tall panels?

We do! For more information, read the next answer below.

Any major differences between Semihandmade parts and theirs?

The biggest difference is our panels are 3/4" thick, and theirs can be as thin as 1/2" or 5/8."

Note: unless requested, our panels are over-sized to account for irregularities in walls, floors and ceilings. They are meant to sit slightly past or "proud" of the cabinet facing for the most built-in look. Base and tall panels are meant to go directly to the floor (as opposed to having the plinth/toe-kick return around the cabinet's side). It's not rocket science, but you'll likely need a table saw and chop-saw. For examples, please consult our Projects page.

If I modify a cabinet, can you make me a custom door/drawer size?

It really depends on the cabinet in question. Consult a Sales Associate for details. We can make custom sizes, but the client is 100% responsible for the required dimensions and we do not drill these pieces. You can order custom pieces here.

What do I need to get from IKEA if I'm purchasing Semihandmade fronts?

You'll need to purchase the frames, hinges, drawer boxes, basically anything interior because you'll get all of the exterior items from us!

How do your prices compare to Ikea's?

We used to spend a lot of time and energy comparing our door prices to Ikea’s, thousands of words stacked neatly alongside colorful graphs and charts and anything else we figured best conveyed the idea that a (much) smaller company like Semihandmade could (somehow) offer pricing that falls consistently within spitting-distance of a company the size of Ikea. Funny, right? Thankfully, we don’t bother anymore. As we’ve learned, comparing yourself to Ikea is like going toe-to-toe with Amazon; you can’t. So we don’t.

That in mind, here’s a list of what makes Semihandmade doors special, unique, and perfectly suited for your dream Ikea kitchen, bathroom, or media cabinet (and yeah, maybe even different from Ikea’s):

1) Semihandmade doors are proudly made in the USA. Maybe that matters to you, maybe it doesn’t (to us it does). Sure, we could make them overseas; they’d definitely be a lot less expensive. That’s not a dig at Ikea, it’s economics, and they’re the biggest and best furniture retailer on the planet for a reason.

2) Being small and nimble, Semihandmade has a lot more material options than Ikea does (not a swipe at Ikea; when you’re Apple- or Nike-big, it’s never a good idea to get overly cute with the selections).

3) Semihandmade offers things like appliance panels in custom sizes that Ikea can’t and doesn’t (outside of a standard dishwasher panel). Think Bosch and Fisher Paykel and Sub-Zero.

4) We pride ourselves on world-class Customer Service (even if we’re coming to you from Duarte, CA) – we’re here, we’re accessible, we’re never far from Social Media, and if you’re paying close attention you may actually bump into the guy that started the company on Instagram or at a design show or answering an email.

Do you make crown moldings for your cabinet fronts?

We offer flat upper trim that is the same material used for light rail and toekick.  We do not manufacture or sell crown moldings that are more ornate, but we have seen a number of customers who buy their own to use with our fronts. Especially, if you go with DIY fronts, the moldings can be painted the same finish. If you choose any Supermatte thermofoil colors, you can color-match our thermofoil to a paint, so the moldings are similar in color.